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Campus life is filled with packed schedules: Juggling classes, clubs, events, and maybe some fun on the side? Treepz gets it. Our intercampus shuttle fits seamlessly into your busy world, getting you where you need to be – fast, stress-free, and ready to conquer your day.

Why Choose Treepz for Your Campus Transportation?

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Make it a Smart Move

Treepz specializes in providing top-of-the-class intercampus shuttle services for students and faculty across the United States. With our broad fleet of modern vehicles and dedicated team of experienced travel coordinators, we ensure you travel in comfort and safety across campuses. From regular classes to special university events, when it comes to getting you there efficiently, we‘re at the head of the class.

Attentive and secure

Every Treepz trip starts with top-notch shuttles and trained drivers, meticulously checked for your comfort and peace of mind. Get where you need to be, relaxed and ready to conquer your day.

All aboard

Our buses offer ample space for everyone, study materials, luggage, and passengers with specific needs.

Meeting your budget

We offer flexible services and student/faculty discounts that fit your budget, without compromising on accessibility or comfort.

A relaxing experience

Treepz is your punctuality partner, ensuring you arrive at class, events, or the library on time, ready to conquer your day. Our modern shuttles are more than just rides; they're mobile study havens with everything you need to relax, focus, and achieve.

World-class team

We are dedicated to making your commute seamless and stress-free. Our meticulously trained drivers and support staff work tirelessly to ensure you reach your destination on time, every time.

Support local business owners

Treepz connects you to your community. Each journey you take is powered by a local, vetted driver, deeply familiar with your neighborhood and its surroundings.

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Treepz’s Campus Shuttle Service – The Scholarly Choice

Our team is available 24/7, ready to provide you with prompt and helpful support – perhaps even a virtual high-five for acing your latest exam. Here are more reasons to choose Treepz, then get in touch to see how we can facilitate your academic journey.

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Why Use Treepz for Your Intercampus Shuttle Services?

All-Powerful Travel Management

Treepz arranges travel plans for students and faculty commuting between campuses, providing budget-friendly and meticulously organized schedules. We have solutions to simplify your students’ life, whether you need transportation for a single day or the entire semester.

KPI Loaded Passenger App

Treepz provides a centralized booking hub where you can set your KPIs, track your journeys, modify your details, see your drivers, and manage every aspect of your travel in one place. This gives you the visibility you need and allows you to streamline future journeys, saving you time and money.

Risk Management and Care Plan

Your students’ well-being is of utmost importance to us. We take extra care to monitor any travel risks and provide real-time alerts, and emergency assistance, ensuring all passengers are safe on every trip.

Support Your Local Business!

By using Treepz’s intercampus shuttle services, you are also supporting the local business owners in your area. We are passionate advocates for local businesses worldwide, so we carefully select a network of local drivers who are:

  • Screened small business owners
  • Background checked and fully insured
  • Committed to providing excellent transportation
  • Equipped with Treepz’s cutting-edge technology for a stellar experience

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to plan multiple journeys over a semester – how can I do this?

We can cater to any number of journeys and any number of vehicle sizes. Talk to us about your schedule and we will come up with a schedule just for you.

We have a small group – do you have smaller buses?

Absolutely, let us know how many are in your group and if you have any special travel needs, and we will find the best mini shuttle for you.

Do I need a coordinator for my travel service?

We recommend using one of our logistics coordinators as part of your intercampus shuttle services – simply for your complete peace of mind.

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